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THE MYRRORS - A Quick Preshow Interview

Monday 15 January 2018


the myrrors

The Myrrors is a psychedelic rock band from Tucson (AZ). Formed in early 2007 by Nik Rayne (vocals/guitar) and Grant Beyschau (drums) when they were still in high school. They recorded their first album Burning Circles in the Sky in 2007 and in 2009 the group disbanded. Reformed in 2013 and reissued the first album in limited edition. Following 3 albums, EP’s and singles, in 2017 recorded the Hasta La Vista album. In addition to the starting line up the band consist of Miguel Urbina, Kellen Fortier and Casey Hadland.

Following their latest album release and their tour in Greece, on the 23 and 28 of January, Nik Rayne answered preshow quick interview. (While reading their interview, you can listen to their album Hasta La Victoria)

The first concert i ever seen…

To be honest I don't really remember the first concert that I ever went to per say, but I was raised in a household that really valued music and the arts, so my parents brought me along to a lot of different performances as a child. I know Van Morrison and George Dalaras were some of the earliest.

The first record I ever bought was…

The first LP that I ever bought with my own money was, I think, a beat up, thrift-store copy of Led Zeppelin IV. There might have been a few other classic rock albums purchased at the same time. I assume that I originally just bought them because I thought it'd be cool to have original copies of the albums on such a large, visual format. But needless to say, the turntable arrived soon thereafter.

The best album cover artwork is….

don cherry This is actually a tough one as there is so much great album artwork out there. Don Cherry's Organic Music Society is pretty high up there, along with the his hand-quilted album covers designed for him by his wife Moki, such as those for Relativity Suite and Live In Ankara. Really incredible work.

The album that I wish I hadn’t bought...

Man, yeah there's been so many records I've found that ended up being disappointing, but a recent one was a tape of 1970s Lebanese folk music that ended up just being dull, schmaltzy, Western-style orchestral arrangements of traditional melodies that just did nothing for me.

A kid asks me what “Psychedelic Rock” is. I hand him a copy of….

Amon Duul's Psychedelic Underground, maybe? I don't actually think it's a genre that can be encapsulated in any single album, it's just too eclectic and open-ended, but that one does sort of get to the raw, free-spirited core of what I dig about the style of music.

The album I wish I had made myself is….

International HarvesterInternational Harvester's Sov Gott Rose Marie, an almost perfect album and one of those rare and wonderful artistic landmarks that influences our own music on a daily basis.

No one will believe I own a copy of….

Oh man. Enya's Greatest Hits. Totally a guilty pleasure, but an artist that my mom listened to constantly when I was growing up so there's a lot of memories tied up in those songs. My girlfriend also loves Enya, so that's kind of brought her music back into my life regardless!

Τhe story behind the creation of ‘Hasta La Victoria’…

hasta la victoria The process of recording Hasta La Victoria was pretty fast as we were on a  label deadline and didn't really have a lot of brand new material prepared. So it basically ended up being a by-the-seat-of-the-pants improv session in which Grant and I ploughed through whatever ideas we had during recording and tried to build those into workable tunes. I was the one who came up with the artwork and title as per usual, both being a reflection of the current state of the world and the need for culture to fight back against repressive / heteronormative / chauvinistic capitalist power structures and build the new and better world we want to live in.

As far as a funny or interesting anecdote from the recording... I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is that during an early stage of recording, Grant and I were listening to playback of the opening track Organ Mantra through a tiny practice guitar amp for some reason, and thought the track sounded great, but when we ended up playing it back through normal, quality speakers we were actually really disappointed - at the time it sounded so much better run through the fucked-up, blown-out guitar amp!

Our favorite song from our own work …

This one's hard as it's kind of like choosing a favorite child, but I guess I do have a soft spot for Semillas Sembradas, the 7" single that we cut for the UK magazine Optical Sounds.

The favorite song of our fans…..

...and this one's easy. The perennial fan favorite is Warpainting, which is the song that first got our name out there, and the one that is requested almost every single night on tour despite being over ten years old.

The most uncomfortable moment from a gig was…..

We played a house show in a garage on our last European tour and it was rather poorely organized. Not many people showed up and there was a lot of power issues, so we were constantly getting shocked. Overall, not great.

The most unforgettable moment from a gig was….

Playing to a packed house in Thessaloniki last time around and seeing people standing at the windows as we played, looking in to watch the show because they couldn't get inside! That was pretty heady.

The must have travel item on tour….

Hm, a good pillow perhaps?

There are many troubles in a tour. The real one is….

Staying sane maybe, and handling being around three or more other people in close quarters for so long. Oh, but also driving in - and dealing with - anything approaching heavy snow, which I'm sure we'll have a lot of this time around! But that one may be more specific to us than most groups, as desert rats like us don't have much experience handling that type of weather.

Our plans for the near future are….

We have a new record out this year, which I'm in the process of mixing, and then on to new beginnings, new travels - the year is still unwritten.

In our mini Greek Tour, between 23th and 28th of January, the audience can expect….

A mix of material from almost all of our records, and some brand new things from our upcoming fourth LP for Beyond Beyond is Beyond... also a lot of improv, a lot of drone, the usual assorted esoterica. We're also touring as a stripped-back four-piece with a friend of ours, Prabjit Virdee, temporarily standing in for our normal bass player Kellen Fortier, who decided to stay back in Tucson to focus on running his record store, Wooden Tooth. So yeah, there really is a whole new vibe to the proceedings compared to last time around.

Dear fans…

Excited to see you all in a couple of weeks! Come on down, say hello, let us know what kind of food we should be eating and what we should be checking out while we're in your city.

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